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Thanks to movies, television shows and special events, ghost hunting has become more popular over the years. It attracts a wider variety of people from the skeptical to the professional ghost hunting aficionado. There a number or things to consider if taking the challenge of searching an area for ghosts, indoor or outdoor, no matter the general groups level of belief. What is ghost hunting? In general, the term ghost hunting is used to refer to the activity of investigating an area for ghost activity. Ghost hunting is done with the intention of trying to gain proof of the haunting. Other times, the focus will remain on showing whoever is in the ghost hunting party the existence of ghosts in the area for differing reasons.


First thing to do is pick a location and do some historical research to know the potential past of the area. This can either be indoors (prisons and old mansions are popular but even places like college dorms can do well) or outdoors. Each ghost hunting location will require different tools and it’s always good to be prepared. The outdoor will also have different ghost hunting gear requirements from jackets to rain gear to sunscreen. Other tools are used in ghost hunting. Safety aids include flashlights, extra batteries, kit with band aids and more. It’s wise to be prepared for a number of incidents when planning to go ghost hunting. Recording tools help as well.


Ghost hunting cameras are useful, either 8mm, digital or video. The reason is for both documenting trips and the more social ones for future reference. Other equipment to consider when ghost hunting are tools that can help indicate possible sightings, such as digital thermometer, EMF meter, motion detectors and a compass. Communication is another method used during ghost hunting to provide proof. Voice recorders come in handy and are often used to ask questions. Not many recommend the Ouija board for difficult to explore many different rooms or the use outside, along with other troubles the board can cause and need for proper use. Another communication option, if lacking voice recorders, for ghost hunting is to use a pendulum. This can be one from a new age store or even the right weighted necklace.


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With a steady hand, during ghost hunting one can ask “yes or no” questions. Also, bring tools to document any potential bits of evidence. Who will enjoy a ghost hunting adventure? Not a solitary endeavor, ghost hunting will attract many different types of non-believers and enthusiasts alike. Friends come in handy but other types of people who will enjoy the chance include writers, artists, and many different types of people who are curious to the potential for a ghost sighting. While considered a pseudoscience, the ghost hunting trip has potential whether it’s in a prison or outdoors in a dark forest. One can either set up their own trip or due to the increase of popularity join a tour, which is now available in many cities and other locations. Many different options exist for ghost hunting and that will increase in the future.


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